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Law of Attraction

How do I use the Law of Attraction?

If you allow your mind and your thoughts to align themselves to the keynote of courage, confidence, strength and success, you attract to yourself thoughts of like nature – people of like nature and things that fit into your mental tune. Your mind has many degrees of pitch, ranging from the highest positive note to the lowest negative note, with many notes in between.

When your mind is operating from the positive you feel strong, buoyant, bright, cheerful confident, and are enabled to work well, carry out your intentions, and progress along the road to success. When you are playing the other negative end of your mental keyboard you may feel depressed, weak, passive, dull, fearful, and finding yourself unable to make progress or succeed.

Your prevailing thought of mood determines that which is to be drawn towards you. You become what you have thought yourself into being. Your general physical design and mental attitude is determined by the character of your thought waves.

You are at this moment reading this, setting into motion thought currents which in time attract. Be liberated! Make conscious thinking a part of yourself. Get into its' currents, then let it go into the unconscious, into that 'space' before the thought. Get the best to be had in the thought world. The best is there, so be satisfied with nothing less. Get into partnership with good minds. Get into the right vibrations – get into harmony with operations of Law, get into Thought Vibrations.

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