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NLP Practitioner Training

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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming? 

It is  a User Manual for your brain.

It integrates thought and the nervous system (Neuro), communication and the power of language (Linguistic) and the unconscious habits and patterns we run on (Programming). Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) resulted from the research of human behaviour in the 1970s undertaken by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder. By studying the patterns of the most successful communicators and human change agents, they discovered the structure and methodology of human excellence! 

They developed a set of techniques by studying very successful therapists, Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir, and incorporated the ideas of Fritz Pearls and Gregory Bateson to create models (or patterns) to help people make incredible shifts in their life. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was created as a practical method, a technology and an attitude which give us a deeper understanding of how we, as human beings function and gives the tools to understand the psychology behind human behaviour.

How can NLP help you?

NLP is becoming the most demanded tool for greater personal growth and capacity. It is a necessary knowledge for anyone, whoever you are, to learn about yourself, and interactions between yourself and others.

NLP is especially useful for  anyone who works with human beings, like health and social services, HR, teaching marketing, management, finance, communication and coaching etc..

Learn from the Source

Get a unique perspective of NLP by training with Fay Bailey. Fay teaches NLP through her own experience and the way Richard designed it to be taught, through ‘hands-on’ experience of doing it. Practice the NLP skills instead of talking about them! "It has increased the value of my own life, and I have also started helping other people to get a better life. I am often thinking of you with joy!”

Why learn NLP?

Communication and Influence

  • Understand how we communicate more efficiently
  • How we organise our personal experiences through thoughts, emotions, language and behaviour
  • Language model for precise information gathering
  • How to get along with anybody, anywhere, any time and under any circumstance

"You get a complete new perspective on your life and  achieve much more joy in life.”

Behaviour and Motivation

  • Learn to learn faster, more playfully and better
  • Learn how behaviour is created, can be changed and maintained
  • Get access to your mental, physical and emotional resources
  • Understand the secret behind self confidence, motivation and feeling energetic in an instant.

”You experience what is taught. It becomes stronger and helps you develop further”

Creativity and Success

  • Achieve the valuable ability to think more usefully
  • Become the best in more ways than you can imagine and achieve top results more often
  • Break barriers and move forward so that you achieve success more often and easier.

“I am very aware that I have changed, and I thank you so much for the tools you have given me!"

Personal Leadership Skills

  • Understand the ‘psychology’ of human behaviour - know how people ‘Tick’
  • Increase your flexibility to work with a variety of contrasting personalities
  • Experience greater well-being even under very stressful conditions. 

”I have tried many, many things to reach my goal and if you are to choose just one thing, it has to be NLP.“