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Coaching can take place over the telephone or in person.

Personal Life Coaching

what_is_life_coaching.jpgWhat is Coaching and How will it help you?

Many of us have big plans about what we want to do, who we want to be and what we want to become. Some of us are successful in our own terms, but can still find a feeling of emptiness inside ourselves. 

Life without purpose is hardly a life at all. Hence that feeling that something is missing, the big question of why we are here, or how we can achieve our dream. 

Coaching is a simple yet effective method of development where you and I create a relationship that promotes and sustains your personal growth and improvement. This powerful alliance helps you to develop who you are and what you waut to become. 

 I help you in finding out what is important and what helps to create a purposeful life that promotes your qualities or ideals, enabling you to live a fuller and richer life.  

  • I enable you to realise your TRUE POTENTIAL.I achieve by a process  uncovering and eliminating any self-sabotaging or destructive behavioural or thinking patterns. This in turn empowers you to take responsibility for yourself, your goals and dreams; it unleashes in you the ability to use the innate tools within that we all have in order to move positively towards your goals.
  • The whole process is incredibly POSITIVE. However good you are you can be even better!
  • You will learn how to solve your own personal problems
  • You will discover how to move on from the past and break through the blocks that have held you back.
  • You will develop your intuitive skills and work towards a successful future.
  • You will achieve a better work/life balance.
  • You will be able to motivate yourself to get things done 

I will do this by tapping into:-

Your Authentic Self

Your authentic self is “who you really are”. It's the source of your desire to make a difference in the world, a sense of purpose and direction. 

Most people live their lives from their conditioned self, trying to conform and be like everyone else.

Living from your conditioned self is painful, stressful & unfulfilling. It makes you invisible, unable to stand out from the crowd and really shine.

“I discovered that people are not really afraid of dying; they're afraid of not ever having lived.” - Joseph Jaworski

You're going to KNOW and  EXPERIENCE yourself as the source of your security and wellbeing. This is not just an intellectual exercise - You're going to feel it! 

You're going to be ALIGNED with your inner purpose. Your inner wisdom is like “Sat-Nav for your life”, constantly adjusting to changing circumstances and guiding you through your world. Once you know what you're here for, know how to tune into and follow your own inner wisdom.

The more deeply you know this, the more you'll emanate a sense of wellbeing and “being comfortable in your own skin”  which makes you deeply attractive to others. After all – this is what EVERYONE wants!

The deep sense of security and wellbeing is there within each one of us. It ALWAYS comes from inside  

“When you realise that you don't need anything, then you're free to have whatever you want”- Ian Watson

The reason you have chosen to read this is that perhaps you are already interested enough to make positive changes in your life, if this is you then:-

Its ALL up to you!