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The Course at a Glance

Certified NLP Practitione

All the key NLP skills, tools and techniques in a 15 day learning programme


The course is open to all

Suitable for

Anyone who wants to be skilled using highly effective communication tools and techniques for themselves or with others


NLP Practitioner Course

We offer courses at several times throughout the year normally in a modular format. As well as One to One opportunities to learn first hand with course designed specifically for themselves.Learning Days will have a mixture of  delivery, practice and application so that you understand each technique and can apply them in your own work and life right away. Days of enlightening and significant training that will give you real NLP skills.

  • Certification from the Society of NLP
  • Full Training Manual and Instruction from  a very experienced Trainer and Coach
  • On-course 1:1 advice and  support
  • Post-course support and development 


The certification process follows the guidelines from the major schools of NLP. Certification takes place during the final 2 days of each course and involves demonstrating proficiency in NLP skills and abilities with underpinning knowledge of NLP principles and techniques.

Successful participants receive a NLP Practitioner Certificate from The Society of NLP.

How soon is it necessary to book?

Places are limited to ensure you receive the best training. I allow 12 places on each course so it is advisable to book as soon as possible.

You will also learn

  • How your brain works and how you can use your brain to help you more. 
  • How your brain creates reality and how this perception dictates your behaviour.
  • How your mind and body work as one cybernetic system and affects how you learn. 
  • How, by changing your state, you change your thinking and hence the results you create. 
  • How the power to create what you want in life rests with you. 
  • How you can create your own natural charisma & rapport and win hearts and minds.

Pre-requisite for the workshop

Anyone attending the workshop should come with:

  • An open mind
  • A curiosity to learn new skills, tools and techniques
  • A willingness to learn through their experience (by doing and learning from this)
  • An eagerness to find their true potential


NLP Practitioner from The Society of NLP.

Cost is £2100 - payment scheme is available (incurs a £60 administration charge).

One to One courses Cost is £2400   Venue at delegate's home/expense

payment scheme is available (incurs a £60 administration charge).                   Contact Fay for more details.