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Reiki Attunements

The Reiki attunement is a sacred spiritual initiation that connects the initiate with the higher levels of consciousness and the unlimited supply of healing energy.  It opens the crown, heart, palm and soles of the feet chakras for their use in channelling Reiki energy.

Reiki is a powerful spiritual experience and the attunement to the frequency of the energy is passed from Master to student through the ‘Rei’, or God Consciousness (Universal) energy consciousness, making adjustments to the energies within the chakra system of the recipient.  These changes allow for the frequency of energy to be channelled by the student, through the crown, heart and palm chakras.

The changes within and surrounding an individual’s energy field are unique and thus varying different experiences occur within each student.  Some report seeing personal ‘Reiki’ spirit guides and colours; some receive intuitive messages and visions, knowing experiences – know that whatever is seen or felt is that which is required by the recipient’s higher consciousness and energy fields.

Traditional Usui Reiki First Degree uses a four-stage attunement that has the effect of gently opening the channels of the student energy.  The first three attunements ‘open’ the healing chakras and the fourth attunement seals and blesses the process.  This means that once given, it is with the person for life and is always a present ability, irrespective of being consciously used or not.

Although only one attunement is necessary, further attunements in various levels of Reiki may prove beneficial and continue to ‘open’ channels of energy to harmonise and balance the self; raise awareness and consciousness; develop further sensitivity to energy; and thus becoming a ‘clearer’ channel of energy for yourself and for others.


As Reiki works to harmonise the whole of the self, it often commences a self-spiritual cleansing of the physical body, through the release of built up bodily toxins as well and the mind and emotions.  It is usual for many students to go through a release of emotional energy and begin to see a refinement and cleansing of thought patterns, beliefs and emotional behaviours that are no longer required.

It is important that in the initial weeks following an attunement, the student practices Reiki often, both for self and others, as this continues the refining and cleansing process initiated by the attunement.

Progression in the Usui System of Reiki

The majority of students go through a period of re-adjustment to the energy and self-change, even if they feel nothing at the attunement.  Reiki creates change!  Old beliefs and habits gently fall away and a new sense of ‘being’ is generally experienced.  The wholeness of the spiritual consciousness is awakened and the newly initiated Reiki practitioner will find themselves with renewed enthusiasm and differing perspectives of the way they ‘see’ and ‘do’ in their lives.

It is therefore recommended that a period of time be taken to adjust to these new energies.  Reiki is an adventure and a journey of self-discovery.  Take time to enjoy the journey and appreciate the wonders along the way – for it is with the journey and not the ‘end’ that awareness and the joy of living occurs, in the ‘Now’.

Reiki II Second Degree

With the First Reiki Degree (Reiki I), students are not given any symbols in their training manuals or taught how to use Reiki symbols to enhance the energy for specific purposes, this is covered in Reiki Second Degree (Reiki II) and Reiki Master levels.

Second Degree Reiki is a more advanced application of the energy, concentrating further on the etheric body of the human energy field, as opposed to the physical body.  During the course, students are initiated into three sacred symbols of the degree, increasing the power of the energy and working with projecting Reiki energy at a distance, to bring into effect a powerful form of distance healing.  Second Degree Reiki also focuses on working with harmonising emotional and mental imbalances of energy.

As with First Degree Reiki , the student will invariably undergo a further change in their spiritual make-up, accelerating the progression of the individual.

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