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Registered Karuna Reiki Master Training

This training  is recommended for existing Reiki Masters who are already committed to their path of personal healing and spiritual growth, who now feel ready to move to the next level of personal, professional and planetary healing.
You will access new and powerful tools to heal yourself, to use in your work with others and for world healing. 

Karuna is the Jewel in the Crown of the Reiki System.  

Due to the deep healing of the Karuna Reiki it is recommended that you have already been working with Usui Reiki at Master Level before taking this class. This work initiates profound healing on deep and fundamental levels and will deeply transform you, so please be prepared for quantum shifts in your healing ability and for huge changes within yourself. 

Karuna is a Sanskrit word when translated means any action that is taken to alleviate and lessen the suffering of others; its other interpretation is ’compassionate action’. 

The energy of this system of Reiki and the effect it has on opening the Heart Chakra is truly amazing.

Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings that are working towards the end of pain, hardship and suffering in this world. As you develop Karuna in yourself, not only are you helping others, but also you become more receptive to the Karuna that is being sent. Thus your healing is quickened as well.

The symbols can be used just like other Usui symbols when giving Reiki treatments to yourself as well as others. The flexibility of the symbols and specific nature of their properties make them a pleasure to work with.

These symbols add a greater depth, focus and potential to your healing work - opening up more possibilities for transformation, particularly where you come across resistance, blocks and reluctance to face painful or deep-seated issues.

You will be taught how to use and understand  the symbols, how to do a stand alone Karuna treatment and how to use the incredibly powerful techniques of chanting & toning in your sessions. Plenty of practice time is included for giving treatments, using the symbols, learning the attunements, and how to chant and tone using Karuna Reiki®.

Sound is a dynamic, shifting frequency that has the capacity to bring about tremendous shifts in consciousness. The student's own healing will be quickened as well as creating more powerful healings for the clients who come for Karuna Reiki ® treatments.

The clearing and healing that ensues will enable you to step more fully and easily into your individual path of perfection and mastery. As you move deeper into your authentic self, you will be in a much better position to assist others on their healing path. 

On successful completion you will become a registered Karuna Reiki® Master with the International Centre for Reiki Training, and entitled to use the letters “KRM”.

You will be able to teach Karuna Reiki® in 3 separate levels (Level I, Level II & Masters) or all levels together with existing Usui Masters as in this course.

Your students will also be eligible for registration with the ICRT (International Centre for Reiki training.)

The Energy Exchange for Karuna Master Training  is £375. Deposit of £150 to confirm your place. For details on course dates and to book click here

Seichim Master Level for  Reiki Masters.

Advanced Healing Energy For Our Evolving World

Seichim is ancient and sacred.  The word Seichim comes from the Egyptian word Sekhem, which translated means ‘Power of powers’. It is an advanced form of hands on healing.  It has been found that in order for one to gain the full benefit of Seichim,one must be ready. This can only happen if one's energy system has first been conditioned through the use of the Usui Reiki Master Energies. The experience one gains as a Reiki Master allows one to make better use of the new healing tools that Seichim Reiki provides. 

For details on course dates and to book click here