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How Hypnotherapy Works

It is always good to understand for yourself how and why hypnotherapy works. The mind is made up of two parts known as the conscious and the subconcious/ unconscious . The conscious mind responds by taking control of everyday decision making whereas the subconcious/unconscious only responds to the way it has been programmed,usually in earlier life.

When trying to overcome a phobia for instance, a person instinctively uses the conscious part of the mind to change how they feel, but the phobia is still retained in the unconscious. This is the part of the mind that needs reprogramming to make progress in overcoming certain problems like a phobia.

Hypnotherapy works by inducing a trance-like state within a patient in which they are fully aware of their surroundings but only concentrating on the hypnotherapist's voice. It is different from sleep and closer to a relaxed state of wakefulness where breathing and heart-rate slows and brain-waves change. Once in a state of hypnosis, a person is open to positive suggestion from the hypnotherapist and able to take control over any involuntary thoughts, behaviour or feelings taking place in the unconscious.

How much does it cost?