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Working with Fay
How Hypnotherapy works
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A Typical Appointment

Hypnotherapy is usually on a one-to-one basis but can take place within a group. Before your first appointment, think about what you want to achieve with hypnotherapy and make a list of the problems you hope to overcome. Then check with me for appointment times and location.

What To Expect with Fay

Your hypnotherapy will take place in a quiet and relaxed environment. I will begin with a full consultation where you can talk in confidence about the issues or conditions you wish to overcome with hypnotherapy.

The process of hypnosis will then be explained to you before beginning the therapy. During the first stages, you will usually be sat in a comfortable chair, I may use relaxing music as I start to ease you into a hypnotic state but the main thing you hear will be my voice.

Under hypnosis, your breathing and heart rate slow down and your muscles relax. You'll be aware of only my voice.  At no time will you feel out of control.

As your session ends, you will be slowly brought out of your hypnotic state and you'll feel alert and refreshed as if you've had a good night's sleep. We will then discuss the experience and may give advice on any self-hypnosis techniques you can use at home, I can also prescribe a cd of mine which you can play in your own home to help with your problem.

How Hypnotherapy works